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Viestintäpalvelu Sanastus
Communication Service Sanastus
In English
Communication Service Sanastus provides translation services from English and German into Finnish. As a small company Communication Service Sanastus is a fast, reliable and cost effective choice.Translations must follow the source text, but also serve as independent texts: all information should be transmitted, but also readability, fluency and cultural differencies must be kept on mind. 

Communication Service Sanastus is specialized in translation of technical, marketing and commercial texts, but I also translate other texts. As translation tools I use various translation memory software, which help translator to work efficiently and keep the terminology consistent. The client materials are always treated as confidential, so don't hesitate to ask for an offer. 


Contact information

+358 (0)400 994 248
Communication Service Sanastus/Paula Liljander-Seppälä
Seppäläntie 52,
36120 Suinula,
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